JCC Music Alarm Sound Large Numbers Adjustable Volume Silent Alarm Clock

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  • High Quality smooth sweeping quartz movement, no ticking to ensure a good sleep and best working environment.
  • Large and easy to read digits
  • Music alarm with 5 different melodies and bell sound or random alarm sound
  • Repeating snooze and ajustable alarm volume, gentle wake for gentle sleeper or Loud alarm for heavy sleepers
  • Night light function


GENTLE AWAKE - selectable 5 different melodies and bell sound or random alarm sound

ADJUSTABLE ALARM VOLUME - Great design for gentle sleeper or heavy sleeper

UNIQUE "TRY IT" BUTTON - Easily assist you to find suitable alarm sound

COMPLETELY SILENT - completely silent sweep second hand, ideal for those who need complete silence to fall asleep.

SNOOZE - When you need just a few more minutes of sleep, the snooze allows the alarm to ring every 5 minutes until switched off.

LUMINOUS HANDS AND LIGHT - The hour and minute hands are slightly luminous so you can make out the time without using the light - OR - The Night light function allows you to check the time after lights out. Just a press the light button to read time.

Friendly Reminder: Luminous is NOT long lasting, we recommend use the light function to read time.

HARD PLASTIC CASING - Don't worry if this clock is dropped. The hard, plastic casing makes this clock very durable.

Type: Desk Alarm Clocks
Function: Alarm
Nightlight: Press light button
Alarm Sound: 5 different melodies / bell sound / random alarm sound
Movement: Smooth Sweeping Quartz
Snooze: around 5 minutes (press Light button to use)
Powered by: 3x AA battery (not included)
Product Dimensions: 12.3 x 14 x 8.1 cm
Weight: 8.7oz